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Leonberger Breeder

We've got a new litter of St. Bernard puppies born this month and they'll be ready for adoption soon!

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Leonberger Puppies

Leonberger puppies for sale

When you're ready to buy, picking the right Leonberger puppy for sale can be a tricky thing for your family to accomplish.

Of primary importance, right next to the breeding stock, is the knowledge of the Leonberger breeder themselves. Anyone can breed dogs...but only well-qualified and experienced Leonberger dog breeders can produce quality Leonberger Puppies.

In fact, we care so much for the Leonberger breed, we've acquired a new breeding male with a spectacular bloodline. He's too young to breed at this time, but he will be producing unbelievable offspring late 2016. Until that time, we are dedicated to producing the best Leonards you will find.

What's a Leonard? It just might be the perfect companion pet for your family. Take a look at what puppies are currently available by clicking here!

Our Leonberger Breeding History

Our history starts back almost 16 years ago involving the distribution of canine vaccinations across the United States. After visiting many different kennels, some of which were absolutely horrible...we decided we could combine our knowledge of the breed as well as our love of animals and produce a healthy, consistently stable and well adjusted breed of dog.

Deciding upon which breed ... was the easy part.

We've always been fond of the gentleness and good nature of the Leonberger. In fact...we've noticed large Leo's go out of their way to avoid confrontation...an excellent quality for a family pet to possess!

Of course, back in our beginning, there was much to learn...and we've done just that!

Through the years of our experience in the breeding, prenatal care, whelping, delivery and postnatal care of the mothers and their young, the amount we have learned is mind boggling.

While we understand the caregiving of dogs will always continue to change with the advancement of vaccines and pharmaceuticals...we have dedicated ourselves to providing families with unequaled quality Leonberger puppies. We strive to meet Leonberger breed standards and even do our best to improve on them.

Is A Leonberger Puppy right for you?

Leonberger pups

In deciding to go forward and breed Leonberger's, we were hesitant to do so because of their larger size...but we quickly fell in love with their personality and stopped noticing their size.

While shopping for a Leonberger Puppy, it's important you know the difference between a good breeder and the not-so-good breeders.

Here's how...

All large breed dogs are prone to hip displaysia and the Leonberger Breed is no exception.

Our breeding lines have been OFA'd and we monitor our dogs to make certain they have clear hips, providing years of enjoyment for your family.

If you have the room in your home and your heart...our Leonberger Puppies are the right choice!

Scott Kroll
Twin Falls Leonberger Pups

P.S. We also offer Dog Boarding, Grooming and Training!

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Leonberger Pups!

Have We Got News!

Ofra and Thunder are parents and we've got young Leonbergers available in mid April. You can reserve a pup with a non-refundable deposit! These pups will be $2,000 for each females.

Our Breeding Stock
Our dams and sires have excellent bloodlines with many international champions. We OFA all of our breeding stock to ensure that we do not breed genetic hip dysplasia.

We are more than happy to provide detailed information on our breeding stock because we stand behind all of our Leonberger puppies.

Click here to learn more detailed information on our Breeding males & females
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