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Leonberger Breeder Breeding Stock

Our Leonberger Dam's and Sire's

The success or failure of any breeders attempts to produce a superior breed relies fully upon the Leonberger breeding stock itself. You'll be glad to know, we take our responsibility as Leonberger breeders seriously. We also take the success and integration of our Leonbergers into your family as an excellent companion just as seriously.

Our Leonberger Sire's

Currently Twin Falls Leonbergers only uses Their beloved Moose as their only stud, lucky Moose. We have just added a wonderful Big Ole German fellow, we call Twin Falls Thor. He will join Moose with the Leo Ladies in a year or so and Moose will retire then.

  • They have been OFA'd and cleared for hip dysplasias personally as well as the entire genetic line.
  • They have well respected and recognized "champions" in their bloodlines which have demonstrated and contain all of the essential traits and composition that make a true Leonberger.
Undoubtedly Scott's favorite. Large, strong, excellent traits and a loving nature. He's everything you'd want in a pet...and a sire!

Our Leonberger Dam's

While most breeders place an over abundant emphasis upon whom the sire is, we view the genetic make-up and geneology of the Dam is just as important.

Twin Falls Leonbergers utilize 9 different Dam's. All of them are located on our property and prior to mating, are matched with the appropriate sire increasing the probability of the highest and "cleanest" litter based upon bloodlines.

  • All Dam's have been certified OFA'd for the absence of hip dysplasia.
When Sandy had her last litter, we actually slept with her and her pups for 3 weeks.

Think other Leonberger breeders would do the same?
Zeba is a wonderful Dark Brown Sable Leo Lady.

She is a very calm and Loving Mother.
Another great looking female Leo.
Misty has a beautiful coat, excellent temperment and truly enjoys people. She is a very large girl with the MOST wonderful spirit and will be added to the available Dams list late winter of 2014
Beautiful, poised, gentle and dedicated are just a few words to describe Sophia.
Rhebeka has a beautiful coat, excellent temperment and truly enjoys people.
This girl is absolutely gorgeous.
This pretty red haired gal will steal your heart!
This girl is absolutely gorgeous. She is also a very nice sized Leo Lady and will be added to the available Dams list late winter of 2014

Leonberger Pups!

Have We Got News!

Ofra and Thunder are parents and we've got young Leonbergers available in mid April. You can reserve a pup with a non-refundable deposit! These pups will be $2,000 for each females.

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