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Leonbergers Our Customer Speak

Customer Testimonials

Over the years, we've placed many different Leonberger puppies with absolutely excellent owners and families.

Listed below are a couple of letters we received...

Dear Scott & Elaine:
I wanted to let both of you know how happy we are with Heidi! She's become a very important part of our family of 9 in record time. Honestly...the children just can't keep their hands off of her and she's loving it!

Since we were looking for a new dog to replace our recently deceased Rottweiler, we were pleasantly surprised you offered the opportunity for us to visit you in Joplin any day at any time. I decided to bring my two youngest with me down to your place and let them decide.

You and your wife were friendly, asked us the right questions and were convinced Heidi was the right fit for our family. I wanted to tell you both...you were absolutely correct in your recommendation of Heidi for us. You've truly blessed our family more than you'll ever know.
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Greetings Scott!
I've finally compiled some photos of our favorite furball.
He now goes by the name Bi'guy!
We, and everyone who meets him, are quite smitten!
We recently received 2' of very fluffy snow and he is quite content just running through it. He and our labrador have become so close, they wine if they get seperated into different rooms and spend hours wrestling in the snow.
We've been sitting for my father's female spanial for the past few weeks and the two of them have developed quite a silly relationship also.
Here's some pics...With love from us and the Bi'Guy!!!
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Leonberger Pups!

Have We Got News!

Ofra and Thunder are parents and we've got young Leonbergers available in mid April. You can reserve a pup with a non-refundable deposit! These pups will be $2,000 for each females.

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