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Leonbergers Leonards

Leonards - Half Leonberger and Half St.Bernard

The success or failure of any breed lies squarely at the feet of the breeders themselves. We know exactly what we produce regarding Leonbergers - excellent companion pet, the absolute best temperment, great with kids and other pets, non-aggressive, etc.

Why cross the breed you might ask? That's a very good question...

The answer is that it gives Twin Falls Leonbergers a chance to put an amazing GIANT family companion in loving homes at a discounted rate, without diminishing the True Full Blooded Leonberger Breed. There will be some that don't like what I have done, but the new families love us for giving them a chance to have this amazing companion in their homes and their lives.

As everyone knows, no one can please everyone but I'm confident you'll be pleased with our Leonards.

Take a look at the available puppies below...

Our Available Leonard Puppies

We are very excited to offer our Leonard puppies.

  • Dam and Sire have been certified OFA'd for the absence of hip dysplasia.

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Leonberger Pups!

Have We Got News!

Ofra and Thunder are parents and we've got young Leonbergers available in mid April. You can reserve a pup with a non-refundable deposit! These pups will be $2,000 for each females.

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