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Our Leonberger Puppy Health Guarantee

According to published reports, as recently as 1985 there were fewer than 100 Leonbergers in the U.S. .

By 1995, there was a reported 800 + Leonberger's reported in the United States. Along with that surge in numbers, reported incidences of Cancer, Hypothyroidism, OCD, Addison's Disease, and Cardiomyopathy increased in the breed as well.

The primary cause of these increased health problems, without doubt was a deviation from the normally accepted breeding standards that garnered so much success in the early part of the Leonberger breed history in the United States.

Our Views

We firmly stand behind our Leonberger puppies and their health.

We provide a complete One Year Guarantee on the health of our Leonberger puppies as detailed below.

Our Policy ...in Black and White

  • Twin Falls Leonbergers sells Leonberger puppies as companions/pets and NOT as a BREEDING or SHOW animal, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  • Twin Falls Leonbergers makes NO further guarantee, either expressed or implied other than the HEALTH GUARANTEE that follows.
  • Once the Leonberger puppy leaves the Twin Falls Leonbergers premises, it is under the BUYERS control and Twin Falls Leonbergers is not responsible for any accidents and or Veterinarian expenses. If treatment is rendered it is at the BUYERS expense.
  • The puppy purchased is guaranteed against CONGENITAL and HEREDITARY defects up to the puppies first birthday. The BUYER agrees to have puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours or the first business day after purchase. Be sure to have the supplied VET FORM and MEDICAL RECORD with you when you go to the Vet! The BUYER further agrees to have the Veterinarian complete the supplied VET FORM. The signed HEALTH GUARANTEE and the completed VET FORM must be sent back to Twin Falls Leonbergers within 7 days or this guarantee is null and void.
  • If your VET finds any CONGENITAL or HEREDITARY illness that would affect the ability of the Leonberger puppy serving as a companion or is life threatening to the puppy, the BUYER must notify Twin Falls Leonbergers IMMEDIATELY. A WRITTEN STATEMENT from the attending VET, ALL LAB RESULTS, TEST RESULTS, X-RAYS and in the event of death of the puppy, an autopsy report must be supplied to the Twin Falls Leonbergers . We also reserve the right to have these findings verified by the Veterinarian(s) of our choice. Twin Falls Leonbergers also reserves the right to decide if the puppy is to be replaced or treated for the condition found.
  • If Twin Falls Leonbergers determines that the puppy is to be replaced - NO REPLACEMENT will be made until the PUPPY, ALL MEDICAL FINDINGS AND REGISTRATION PAPERS are returned to Twin Falls Leonbergers . Twin Falls Leonbergers at no time, will be responsible for Veterinarian expenses. If it is agreed upon by both parties that the puppy shall remain with the BUYERS, a Veterinarian Certificate shall be supplied to Twin Falls Leonbergers stating that the puppy was spayed or neutered, before replacement puppy is given. We will then replace your puppy no charge from the next available litter. Shipping Charges may apply.
  • NO GUARANTEES are made against ACCIDENTS, MORTALITY, HYPOGLYCEMIA, or ALLERGY PROBLEMS, etc.....Also NO deposit refunds will be made because of Landlord disapproval or any other health or personal reasons other than those covered in this agreement.
  • A licensed Veterinarian MUST examine this puppy within 72 hours and the VET FORM returned to SELLER within (7) seven days or this guarantee is null and void. Guarantee is binding only to the original BUYER.

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Our Dams and Sires have excellent bloodlines, extensive health records, genetic stability and great personalities!

We are more than happy to provide detailed information on our breeding stock because we stand behind all of our Leonberger pups 100%.

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